Shout, Recount, Get Drunk

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Shout, Recount, Get Drunk consists of two private dinner-performances, and a daily interactive performance that is open to the public. Entitled Instructions for Drinking with a Friend, this public performance invites visitors to bring a friend to drink whiskey with to the gallery. It was enacted four times during each day of the show, and was opened by appointment. In tandem with the performances, the exhibition also featured a series of vignettes of found and handcrafted objects, arranged to suggest still lifes. Each vignette corresponds to one of the performances in the exhibition, and includes an artist book with instructions for the dining or drinking experience as well as recipes, images, drawings, and texts that guide the experience of each meal. In Instructions for Drinking with a Friend, for example, visitors find a table and stools with two hand-blown glasses, a custom engraved bottle of whiskey, and a handmade book that states the rules of the performance. Similarly, the two dinners—A Dinner to Remember and A Dinner to Plan a Revolution—are represented by curated assemblages of readymade and found objects that pertain to the dinners’ respective themes: remembering something lost, and envisioning desired change.

Positioned around the rituals and sites of sharing food and drink, Shout, Recount, Get Drunk illuminates how social interaction is shaped through rites and treasured objects, calling special attention to the overlooked narratives in our everyday experiences. Guth has continually explored how we orient ourselves in the larger social and spatial landscape, and this project marks a continuation of that theme. Visitors are prompted to question where exactly the artwork exists, whether it is in the object, the performance, or somewhere more liminal in the context of the gallery space, which functions simultaneously as the site of presentation, performance, dining hall, and tavern.

Cristin Teirney Gallery NYC in June of 2016

Dinner to Plan a Revolution was also performed at the Schnieder Museum in April of 2016

Instructions for Drinking with a Friend will also be perfomred at the Elizabeth Leach Gallery in Jan. 2018