Terrain Change

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The work in Terrain Change is made with regard to shifts in user value, modes of production, relationships, narrative outcomes and the artistic object.  

The everyday implement becomes a poetic object failing at its original goal and evolving to another state. The ordinary become extraordinary and the extraordinary become ordinary.  In the video the traditional narrative outcome is thwarted and a new relationship manifests but questions the classic identity and significance of the characters. The floodlights in the gallery are replaced with groupings of chandeliers altering the operative state of the gallery space.

This heterogeneous collection of objects and video works to establish a space where the expected is out of sync acting as an allegory for the shifts and evolutions that continually occur, surround us, and define us. These changes in the order of things lead to new or altered forms, ideas and relationships and at times extinction or obsolescence.

Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, Oregon, 2009