This Fable Is Intended for You: A Work-Energy Principle

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This Fable is Intended for You: A Work-Energy Principle, is a public project that amplifies the human presence and connections of people who live and work in Lower Manhattan. The project involves a public residency, a working exhibition and a series of performances. The residency and exhibition act as animated sites of production and sites for social interaction. At these sites the methods of making are choreographed and on display. 

From November 10 to December 18, artist MK Guth invited New Yorkers to bring unusable fabric (old clothes, sheets, rags) to a storefront transformed into an artist studio at One New York Plaza. Over the five weeks, the materials were taken apart, sorted, stacked, sewn and woven together into large ropes and sculptural shapes. This Fable is Intended for You: A Work-Energy Principle now unfolds at the World Financial Center with a working exhibition of the ropes and shapes, coupled with a series of performances. During the performances, part of the Under the Radar Festival, 24 participants will be intertwined with the ropes and shapes to create an evolving and extraordinary set of geometric shapes mimicking the architectural features of the Winter Garden. 

World Financial Center, Courtyard Gallery; Under the Radar Festival, January 6-24, 2010.