I Still Feel The Same

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I Still Feel the Same was an interactive performance that created a sculptural object for The Way That We Rhyme: Women, Art and Politics exhibition At Yerba Buena. Over a two day period of time visitors to Yerba Buena were invited to write their thoughts on the term feminist on a piece of brown fabric. These responses were woven and hidden into a braid extending of MK Guth’s head by a team of braiders. With each new response the braid grew eventually reaching to approximately 150 on either side of Guth’s head. At the end of the second day the braid was cut from Guth's head and hung in the gallery as an object. Guth designed a uniform, which she wore over the two-day performance that helped hold the weight of the braid.

Yerba Buena Center For the Arts 2008, San Francisco, CA March 29-July 13th 2008 including 2 day performance
Castle Gallery, The College of New Rochelle, New Rochelle, NY December 2008