Best Wishes

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"Best Wishes," is an interactive performative project where MK Guth was the performer, site of installation and a metaphorical container. Visitors to the space were welcomed to come in and share their dreams and aspirations. These were written onto fabric, braided and hidden into Guth's hair, extending and growing her hair, allowing it to consume the space. Guth was both a repository for people's dreams and desires, as well as a persona for which visitors to the space could talk and confide. Visitors to the space were welcome to come in and help with the braiding, turning the space from performance site to collaborative work site.  The braid was then woven into a vessel and exhibited as an object.

P3 Studio, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Las Vegas NV, September to October 2011

Franklin Parrasch Gallery, Project Space, New York NY, May 4 2012 to June 2 2012

Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, Oregon, October 5 2012- December 2012