Our Rapunzel

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“Our Rapunzel” is an interactive sculpture created at the Linfield College Gallery in 2006. The exhibitions lasted from November through January. During the month of November the gallery became a site of production where participants were welcome to join in the braiding process. Participants were asked to write a desire or regret onto a ribbon, which was woven into the braid. The braid grew over the month of 
November. During the months of December and January the braid remained in the gallery as a sculptural object.

Each Wednesday of November I served a lunch and people could come in to talk about the project or work on projects of their own. Students and teachers created sculpture, photo and video that related to the “Our Rapunzel” project. On certain days of the month people in the gallery could engage in temporary performative sculpture projects that manifested a series of objects and body based temporary sculptures.


Linfield College Gallery, McMinnville Oregon, 2006
Chicago Art Fair, 2007